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Vika enjoys a nice welcome banging in Turkey


It is the first day Vika and Max are spending in Turkey with their porn traveling friends and they are looking forward to all the naughty things that they are going to do there but after a long trip they first need to relax and do something for each other.

They fill the bathtub with hot water and there they enjoy each others’ body so much that they barely feel the need to get out of it and do some looking around the town.

Soon enough they move to the big bed in their room and there they make such awesome porn traveling mobile videos that your mind is going to explode watching them

Nude volleyball and public anal action


While Polina was spending her final day in Thailand by playing some topless volleyball with her friends, the other girls were looking for a good enough place to do their final porn traveling videos.

Of course, Polina did end up sleeping with the guys that were playing alongside her and on the other side her girl friends were having their kind of fun.

They found a nice secluded part of the park and Max was there to make sure that the bitches get what they want from him. He gave them a nice bang that they are certain to remember for a long time because he drilled without mercy.

Waterfall gets its first hardcore scene


This big waterfall is one of the natural landmarks of this part of Thailand, but Ilya was very disappointed because it was too crowded to do some porn traveling videos in there.

Later he and Polina took a bike and he tried to teach her how to ride it but all she was interested in was taking a nice ride on his dong.

On the other side of the town, Anya was enjoying the company of her girlfriend and they were trying out different bath suits on the beach and as one thing led to another in the end you could see them making sweet lesbian love on the sand.

Boys Play While Girls Have Fun

Today the boys were tired from all the hot sex they had with the chicks last night so they decided to stay in the room and watch TV and play video games. Polina and Anya were more for something fun so they went out but not before they made another porn traveling video gallery in the bathroom.

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There they kissed and touched each other and they were even wilder when they went to the box match where they were fingering each others’ cunt. It all ended with the two of them rubbing against each other in the night club while there were a bunch of horny boys watching them with lust.

Second Day and Stunning Sex on Samui Island

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After a good night’s sleep and enough rest to restore their energy for more fun, Anya and Polina were ready to do some exploring. They have already heard about Samui Island, a place where porn traveling parties go to make their films and they wanted to give it a shot.

When they arrived on the island and saw its beautiful beaches they decided to stick around for a while and enjoy the fun they can have there. It was very soon that they did their first outdoor fuck scene and some of the friends they brought along joined them and they all had a fantastic orgy ending with a huge cumshot.

First Impressions and First Hardcore Actions

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Arriving to Thailand was not something too troublesome for Anya and her horny friends, but waiting for the bus to pick them up and take them to the hotel so that they could start their porn traveling session properly was more than troublesome.

When they finally went inside the room you could see them doing it like horny bunnies and a lot of energy was wasted on that initial porn traveling mobile session. Then later they went on through the hotel and did some flashing only to return to the same room and repeat the hardcore scene several more times before falling into beds exhausted from all the hard fucking.

Hard Fucking as a Way to Day Goodbye!

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The porn traveling in Turkey has been awesome for Anya and her man but she wanted to take a day off from their sessions together to have fun with her other friends as a way of saying goodbye to this beautiful place.

They go to the orchard where Sarah made her hardcore threesome and then make some nice oral porn traveling mobile videos too and that is just the beginning of it.

The hotel room gets full of girl moans as the three of them make a nice masturbation race to see which one is the horniest before they go out to town for the goodbye party and hardcore fucking that will come after.

Getting Ready for the Hot Orgy

It is the sixth day in Turkey and Anya is thinking about making an orgy in her room to make the porn traveling a bit more dynamic. Her boyfriend couldn’t agree more as it is his way of getting to feel what the other girls are like in the sack as well.

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That is why in no time you can see all of them ready for action and aching to feel some pleasure except for Max who chose to skip this one. But there is enough of hard meat in this porn traveling mobile party for all of the chicks and they all get satisfied in the end of it.

Spending The Day Inside Can be Fun Too!

After a pretty wild night with bondage and kinky games, Anya decided to stay inside and spend some gentle time with her boyfriend. But as the sun went up Sarah left them and decided to find a new lover for the day.

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And as Anya and her man were doing their porn traveling session indoors, Sarah was enjoying a nice walk with Daisy and Max through the orange gardens and at one point they stopped and decided to fill up this fifth day in Turkey with some hardcore fucking in the open which made the sexy little bitch moan and scream like there was nothing better in the world.